Welcome to you, Jew's harp players and musicians from the whole world. Our website is completely dedicated to the traditional Vietnamese instruments including the amazing dan moi harps.

The story starts in 2003, when i went to North Vietnam Highlands to work on traditional rice storage units with the target to help farmers  to improve their life's conditions. Then on the field i discovered  the Dan Moi traditional harps, real little wonders that brought directly joy to my heart. When back in my homeland, i started to sell these items at festivals, fairs and other cultural events before deciding to return live in Vietnam and then extend our range of Vietnamese traditional instruments

So from then we are now providing an access for local craftsmen to sell their wonderful items worldwide

Through our work and thanks to your support, we will continue upgrading this website to provide a great overview of traditional music and culture with a special care for local minorities and their customs memories (we are agronomists not only musicians, we do sustainability).

We do fair trade, that makes the difference.


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